Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church

A very nice, clean church site with a similar amount of information to what we’ll have.

Godbit Discussion Forum / online resources for people struggling with sins

mgoodwin wants to have resources on his church site for people who want help battling sin. I’ve never seen this done but it seems like a great idea; might have to adopt it.

The John MacArthur Study Guide Collection

I have just discovered this amazing resource (and there is plenty of material from other authors, too). Wow! I’m going to use some of the study guides for a small group I’m leading next week.

About Web Ministry :: Silas Partners

I want to read their “12 Principles of Effective Web Ministry”

Ekklesia 360 demo

This is a demo of this church CMS.

Sugar Creek Baptist Church – Sugar Land, Texas

This site is great. I’m not so much into the design, but they have extensive information for visitors, and more information for members on another (related) domain. The organization is excellent.

Jacob’s Well

This church is known for good use of technology on their website.

The Highway Community

A very cool church site that is out of the ordinary.

River City Church of Jacksonville, Florida

This is a great seeker-friendly site with all the right info and sweet design.

The Rock Christian City Church

This is an awesome church site. I’m going to borrow elements of it for my church.