The Gospel According to John

Not John the apostle, actually, but John, a guy in the twentysomethings group at my church. I was being nosy on his MySpace page today and read this awesome journal entry. I’m going to reprint it in its entirety.

You Can Never Go Down the Drain

One of the best posts I’ve read in a long time. Some excellent Biblical reminders that it’s going to be okay.

On Manhood

A great post that will probably offend some folks. What is the role of men in church (or rather, what should it be)?

WorldMap – Your Strategic World Missions Resource – Maps of Bible Translation, Languages, and People Groups – World Map

I’d really like to get this map. Maybe my reward for getting my weight below 135?

The Way of the Master

The Way of the Master

Abortion argument unravels: How the unborn child defends itself against its mother, confirming that it is a separate human being from the start

This is a fascinating bit of science that shows that an unborn baby is NOT part of the mother’s body.

The John MacArthur Study Guide Collection

I have just discovered this amazing resource (and there is plenty of material from other authors, too). Wow! I’m going to use some of the study guides for a small group I’m leading next week.

About Web Ministry :: Silas Partners

I want to read their “12 Principles of Effective Web Ministry”

Sugar Creek Baptist Church – Sugar Land, Texas

This site is great. I’m not so much into the design, but they have extensive information for visitors, and more information for members on another (related) domain. The organization is excellent.

Jacob’s Well

This church is known for good use of technology on their website.