Download Printable Colored one-page weekly planner PDF

I’m using this planner to help Ben visualize his upcoming schoolwork. The site also has loads of other planner templates.

Timely Free Website Calendar
yii-full-calendar – Full Calendar Extension for Yii Framework – Google Project Hosting

I may use this for a public event calendar.

Twitter Party Calendar, Upcoming Twitter Parties, Twitter Party Guide

A useful calendar of what’s happening on Twitter.

Time & Activity Report for Google Calendar | youcalc – On-demand analytics for CRM, marketing and project management

It’s surprisingly hard to get useful data out of Google Calendar, but this app makes it practically painless.

-American Food Holidays


Any+Time™ DatePicker/TimePicker AJAX Calendar Widget – AJAX, JSON and XML Consulting and Training by Andrew M. Andrews III (SM)

Really nifty date picker.

Remember The Milk – Help / FAQ / Basics / What format can I enter repeat intervals in?

This is a great way to make recurrence easy… for the user. I’m trying to figure out how to do it as a developer.

We Do Blog about Web Design & Development and Online PR & Marketing » Blog Archive » Google Calendar as a Todo List & Task Management App

This is a smart way to keep the big picture clearly in view on a daily basis.

2009 Marketing Calendar for Experienced Freelance Designers | The Design Cubicle

All three of these marketing calendars look like awesome resources.