Finally Alive :: Desiring God Christian Bookstore

Another Piper book. Not sure what it’s about, but Piper is pretty much always a good bet.

This Momentary Marriage :: Desiring God Christian Bookstore

This book sounds good, and I like that Piper offers things at no cost whenever possible.

Goodreads | api

I’d like to create a simple app that makes it easy to cross-post book reviews across several book sites.

Join Us In Experiencing GOD Together «

I want to do this. No, I’m GOING to do this. I already ordered the book. So there.

BookTour: Where Authors and Audiences Meet

Cool site for finding out who’s (physically or virtually) in your neighborhood.

Making Money in Your Pajamas: A Freelancer’s Handbook from the oDesk Insider – oDesk Insider

A how-to ebook for freelancers (or wannabe freelancers) that covers all the steps for making money online.

Renegade Publicist – Special Book Offer

Not shockingly, I’d like to buy this book.

Web Ink Now: E-books: the hip and stylish younger sister to the nerdy white paper

This post has some great examples of well-designed ebooks (and I really like that they’re in landscape format).

Outsourcing Web Projects: 6 Steps to a Smarter Business – SitePoint Kits

I’d like to outsource more of my projects. Considering buying this book.

My Open Wallet: Lessons Learned from Diet Books: How to Think Like a Rich Person: A Personal Finance Blog About Money and Life in New York

I like this combination of two topics that interest me.