Publishing Custom Pages with Movable Type

I’m exploring options for About pages with MT.

Blog cleanup checklist
Bloggers United

I’m interested in becoming active in this forum… it’s a time thing.

Theory of Media Worth & Blog Quality

This would be an interesting project. I visualize it as a form that reports back to a central website, that keeps the stats.

WordPress Plugin : Better Feed « planetOzh

A WordPress plugin set on improving the way we do feeds. I’m definitely going to use this.

Welcome to the Blog-Togs Dressing Room

This is a very attractive, well-written site.

Spam Karma 2.0

A WordPress plugin to deal with spam comments. I need to install it.

Ally Moll’s Ryze post.

I want to respond to this. This is my reminder.

How to buy articles for $5

An excellent guide to getting quality content at a reasonable price. I might use this to build up some of my sites.