Twitter API Explorer – twitapi.com

This is helpful to quickly see what info I have access to.

GettingStarted – youtube-direct – Getting Started with YouTube Direct (YTD) – Project Hosting on Google Code

I’m using YouTube Direct for a client site. It’s pretty straightforward so far, but I don’t have it completely working yet.

UPC Database: XML-RPC Web Service

I want to build a collaborative pricebook app, and UPC barcode lookup would sure be handy.

No Google Analytics API? No Problem!

A reasonable alternative for a quick and dirty API solution.

Yahoo! Weather RSS Feeds

I have a slightly nutty idea about getting an SMS message when the outside temperature reaches a specific number so I remember to close my windows. This would make that possible. 🙂


A mashup developer’s best friend. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll use this yet, but I’m thinking something to do with libraries (the kind with books, you code nerds!)…