Banner Design by RightBanners!

I’m fully planning on using them just as soon as I figure out what the heck I’m really trying to promote.

How do You Find Private Advertisers for Your Blog?

I’m dealing with this question, both on a few of my own blogs and for some of my clients, so I found this how-to + philosophy post pretty helpful.

ADSDAQ – A New Advertising Exchange from ContextWeb

This looks like a good supplement to direct ad sales and Adsense.


I don’t have a product that would make sense for this kind of advertising, but I’m fascinated by the marriage of environmentalism and marketing represented here.

Promote your site with StumbleUpon

I’ve been very impressed with StumbleUpon’s ability to deliver free traffic, and would certainly consider paying them for more targeted results.


I’m testing the “tag ads” here and can’t ever seem to remember the name/address to edit my ads. 🙂

Free $100 MSN AdCenter Coupon

I’m glad Robyn pointed out this deal. I’ve signed up and now just need to decide which site(s) to advertise. – Filter them and increase your revenue !

A very handy site to help filter useless Adsense ads and focus on ads that will add value to the site.

[Getting The Most Out Of Adsense]: Top 10 Adsense Tools

Very useful rundown of great Adsense tools.

The Million Dollar Homepage

I’m fascinated by this idea. I’m wondering if it’s just a short term thing and whether it would be worth it to get a block or if it would just up my traffic for a couple of days until the market’s saturated.