The best way to scrub potatoes

Jen and I decided to figure out the best way to scrub potatoes—the one way to rule them all, as it were. We’re just that kind of awesome.

We started a few weeks ago by scouring the advice on the internet. The methods suggested included bar mops, an exfoliating glove, and a toilet-brush-drill combo (yes, really!).

Naturally, we decided to try them all, plus a couple more that were inspired by the above + items I had around the house. I ordered the other supplies from Amazon, and this weekend we set to work.

Most of what you need to know is in the video, but it’s a somewhat-ridiculous 12+ minutes long, so if you want to skim (and I don’t blame you), here’s the quick summary (with video time references):

  • 1:20: We started with a dish brush as our “control”
  • 2:15: The bar mop towels were no better than the dish brush, and probably more work to clean up afterward.
  • 4:17: The exfoliating towel was ah-maz-ing. So quick and effective, and so easy to rinse and put away.
  • 5:57: The exfoliating gloves were just as effective as the towel, but not as easy to clean up afterward.
  • 7:52: The chain mail was a total fail (but this comes as a surprise to precisely nobody) despite being awesome for cleaning cast iron cookware.
  • 9:38: The toilet-brush-drill extravaganza is a bit of a hassle to set up, so probably not worth it for just a few potatoes—but if you’re feeding a crowd, it might be an excellent $3 investment.

The Best Way to Scrub Potatoes

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